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Back in 1985-86 a group of Mercury Cougar enthusiasts decided to get together and start a car club. The name they came up with was the West Coast Cougar Club. The club grew to about 60 or so members in its hey day and the members enjoyed camaraderie, information and technical expertise, as well as an environment for social interaction among their fellow Cougar enthusiasts, as well as with members of other car clubs in the Vancouver, Canada area. Great friendships also grew with members of the Cascade Cougar Club in the Seattle area of Washington state and many members from both clubs travelled North and South to visit and participate in each other;s shows and events.

Sometimes priorities change and the West Coast Cougar Club became dormant in the early 1990s, although some of the members continued to keep in touch with each other. By late 1996 a couple of the old West Coast members talked about reviving the old club. The discussion centred around what the club should be. Should it be exclusive to Cougars, or opened up to other products manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and it's Lincoln Mercury divisions? The decision was made to open it up to all enthusiasts with FoMoCo products. The name Fordnutz Collector Club was decided on and we looked into trying to contact the old members of the West Coast Cougar Club to see if any were interested. Our first members that joined in the spring of 1997 were former members of the West Coast Cougar Club. While we do direct enthusiasts with vehicles to existing clubs dedicated to those vehicles, some also want to be part of our group as well. Fordnutz has been officially operating since 1997 and we offer many of the same things as the first club did, both social and technical.

Fordnutz Cougar Club History

The following pages give a history in pictures of Fordnutz and its predecessor, the West Coast Cougar Club. Some locales are barely recognizable due to changes (and the same might be said of some of the early members).

1985 through 1992 West Coast Cougar Club origin and events

1997 Fordnutz Collector Club

1998 Fordnutz Cougar Club









2007 Fordnutz 10th anniversary and 40th of the Mercury Cougar





2012 Fordnutz 15th anniversary and 45th of the Mercury Cougar





2017 Fordnutz 20th anniversary and 50th of the Mercury Cougar, plus Canada's 150th